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Coming in September: 
Part I: A Safe Place and Part II: Protecting Serenity

Part I: A Safe Place There are many types of recovery and many who experience recovery every day. I have experienced many types of recovery in my life, but a safe and loving environment is still the most influential and important to the recovery process. Within this process of discovering yourself, connecting with your dreams, finding the brightest and most colorful layers of your life, and sometimes, the most important parts help you stay strong. In between, the inner dialog and the experiences that come with recovery, many times the liminal, or in-between space of experience and reality is where I can feel the safest. Finding a safe place has been the biggest challenge in my life. Through layers of an objects (Part I) with symbolic meanings, and the journey to serenity (Part II) I wish to share the layers that make up the interstitial space, or in-betweenness. Objects represent memories with symbolism layered underneath the protective layer, each one in reach when the time is right. The otherworldly layers transition, giving me a chance to find personal strength, and a safe environment. Sometimes a layer is representational of peace, patience, quiet, or the future. Contemplation, the past, re-surfacing memories, we may confine as individual stages in life, as passing moments, but there is so much to share with each other. Our stories in recovery are discovery of this space within, no longer suffering, safe, protected, and each of our own abstractions provide contemplation, time to understand. In this safe place, I look around me and contemplate how my layers could help someone else find a safe place. Part II, Protecting Serenity personified itself as an example of how I keep going. I express examples of how a space becomes symbolic after recovery. Symbolism can be created within the layers to help me tell my story. The challenges we face become easier knowing we have the protection of recovery.

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