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Fisherman's Wharf Near Me

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May 23rd, 2023


San Francisco

Project Title: Fisherman’s Wharf Near Me
About Statement:
I wanted to capture how I felt but took a documentary approach to this photography series. This is not an easy accomplishment when the photos are about exactly what you see. With artistic vision and compositions such as composites in photography it is more likely that you can incorporate your emotional state of mind right into the photo. In documentary photography there are no alterations to the scene by the photographer, no adding or taking away passersby, or even controlling what the aesthetics are going to represent, they represent themselves.
I decided to take the images, then, as I walked along. Going from my hotel room at the CAZA Fisherman’s Wharf to the edge of the water to the Fisherman’s wharf and back again I began setting up my tri pod in various places. Most people paid no mind that I was shooting the famous fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco, one man yelled seemingly under the influence and as I passed by the police began to pull him over.
The edge of the water seemed to be so close. Being from central California the water is always a site to see along with the ships that were at the wharf. The images are of a story, a walk from the point in time I left my mind’s thinking to snap the decisive moment to the moment I put the camera away and decided I had shot the last image.
The story is from the trip I took to graduate from the Academy of Art University. I wanted to take a piece of San Francisco with me without altering it, only minor edits such as straightening, were made and the relics were complete. Images were taken on the evening of May 23rd, 2023.
In my constant search for my inner self, I stood back and realized that I am telling the story of the wharf, along with the visit to San Francisco. The telling of the story of many years gone by, many people and a strong commerce that helped the wharf live. Reflecting on my own accomplishments, my own graduation, the thought of telling a story became the most important reason to share these images and offer them to the public.
Remember, tell a story, and say what you mean image by image, one step at a time. I walk in my story, and I share my story in hopes that it will bring someone else light as well as myself. I took these images to tell myself that everything has a story to share and that mine here, with a master’s degree in photography from the Academy of Art University, has just begun.
The History of the Wharf
Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco; Wharf History (; accessed May 31, 2023;

If you would like to purchase a print for $300, please visit my contact page and send me a message, thank you!
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