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Earth Day Memoir

In honor of this great planet, I must pay tribute the only way I know how, through imagery.

I began to create composites by imagining and developing a visual language of the earth. The relationship between man and the chaotic nature surrounding us, even in our cubicles fascinates me.

Celebrating this great earth, many have authored poems, and created great paintings, and more photography is coming of this amazing earth, on top of what we have witnessed through macro and digital photography in the past decade.

POETRY: Nature's Timing

by Halonnah Hope Kay


As I pretend as a child I am on a great quest, I imagine

Amid the mist of the morning, I enjoy and I breathe

In cool grass I see myself so small on this earth, and I rest

As I walk this great earth, I am in touch with my ancestors, I grow

Throughout the time I spend learning, I see a flower, I am inspired

I remember the earth turning around the sun I am awakened

Much time passed and I see the rain fall, hear it's thunder, I cry

I love the nature around me, time and true it is all encompassing.


The series, The Shack I, is about nature taking over man-made things. There is a clear decay of the structures and cart in the image that expresses the personality of nature to decompose this matter.

The Shack I (2023); Location-Tulare, CA


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