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Fine Art Composites

The following are three fine art composites that I have been putting together over the past 6 months or so. Composites take a long time if your images and digital art come from different shoots and times.

A Composite photograph can consist of digital art and other photographs.


Inspiration for a composite:

  1. Digitally paint on a photograph.

  2. Combine several images to create a piece.

  3. Begin a digital library of skies, and other landscapes.

  4. Tell a story.

  5. Create a scene.

  6. Look at the world in a magical and mythological way.


The longest of the images was the second image, where I painted and blended, and added multiple photos and other composites. I also drew and created the Viking boat in a separate document and blended it into the scene.

What order do you add and composite?

  1. The landscape, or scene.

  2. The storyline, or basis for your image - we can call these sub-subjects.

  3. The subject(s).

  4. Layers of texture, and other parts of the scene. (Remember you can move these layers in Photoshop later.)

  5. Paint Layer.

  6. Lastly, and always last because it will conflict with any more painting, adjustment layers. (Remember you can turn these off while you paint, for finishing touches.)

The Viking Boat (2023)

For the boat, I used a large fallen tree and selection tools. I manipulated the front and the back of the boat, using the clone stamp tool to create more wooden texture up each end of the boat. I then painted and used the smudge tool to create a better design.


The one that started it all. Believe it or not, I created this image from a Fourth of July (2023) photo shoot. I sat on my porch, while the neighbors shot off fireworks and grabbed a few shots. Later I manipulated the shots in Photoshop. The planet was made by using a radial blur and a shot of the actual moon on a special moon night - the Rose Moon.

The meaning behind the work (Artist Statement):

When I began creating this work in July of 2023, I knew I was going to have fun with it, taking the fireworks and manipulating them meant that I was changing the way light and human perception of the sky works.

For the magical purpose of bringing that light to earth, I needed a scene of earth, mountains, and magical things. I created the boat, added water and bridges, and put a peacock in the scene to represent the magical ability of light.

What can spotlight and make things magical is the way light falls on a subject. So, I began looking into the library of the sky that I had and created another magical STAR SHOW image for the series that brought my viewers back to the sky.

The castle in the sky, which I call STAR SHOW (1) is the third one that I created, but it represents the beginning of a magical journey of light magic, star magic, and sky magic.


If you would like to know more about my work or purchase a print, please email:

Thank you!


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