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Glass Jars

I am working on a series that reminds me of my work with "A Safe Place", known to many as my master's degree work. and I am currently showing until September 30, 2023, at Arts Visalia.

See the show WED-Thurs 12-5 PM at Arts Visalia... (made with CANVA)

More about "GLASS JARS"

Glass is a fascinating concept, created by high heat and melted and molded to be created. The sand, or clay must be melted so hot that it burns red and turns into a melty-like substance.

We naturally are afraid of fire and things that retain and can hold this type of temperature, but this type of molding and melting has become a harnesses art form of humankind. Many create pottery and other things at high heat.

In creating a vision through this magnificent material, glass, I create a found object behind or inside and through the bottom of the jar. The found object is "housed", safe, and secured in the bottom of the glass.

Image 1: Sneak peek at "Glass Jars", a series that began in August 2023! (Photographer: Halonnah Hope Kay)

"Glass Jars":

Image 1: Seeing Through Me

Artist Definition:

This image began my second series that involves abstract fine art photography and the use of translucent layers, or objects. The found objects in this series represent a place that is attainable or inspiring. The glass is added to obtain the object and create a place of light. "Seeing Through Me" indicates vulnerability by the confines of death, but illuminated, here the beauty of the wings still shines brilliantly in the glass. The wings are still capable and seeing through the glass gives them the flight of dreams.

Coming Soon...

Image 2: What kind of dreams?

Image 3: find music.

Image 4: Ocean Mysteries

Image 4: Ocean Mysteries


Geoffrey Chaucer’s “Troilus and Criseyde” “’Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ is used to remind people not to criticize others for a flaw that you yourself possess.” Not a Pistache or parody in terms of copying the famous proverb, but in terms of delving deeper into the meaning of what kinds of emotions lie within the liminal space in the glass. The liminal, the ______

Works Cited:

1. Baldwin, Emma. "Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones". Poem Analysis, Accessed 17 September 2023.


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1 Comment

Halonnah Kay
Halonnah Kay
Oct 18, 2023

This series has been completed for now, but I feel as though the subject will remain open in my mind.

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