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Green and Cyan

The project is complete. See it on my website now.

Empathy and Compassion

What all started as a feeling of being close to an object and decerning that compassion had a lot to do with the body language that people own and integrate into everyday actions. Then to realize that the movement, the body language is empathy and compassion, and as we get closer to objects, we are really dissecting them and looking at them because we are studying them.

Why do we study things?

We study things not because of body language, but because of curiosity. This curiosity is a lot like growing, which the color green represents. The colors are later what we have discovered while studying.

What does color have to do with empathy?

The colors I chose have paths into the brain which many of us know as color theory. We have general reactions and conceptual experiences when we look at certain colors and describe them in our brains.

Much along the path of studying the object which we place in a lightbox, or in front of the camera, the act of studying and learning new things, the color green and the color cyan, are very similar to this process. So, what does empathy have to do with all of this studying color and getting close to an object?

Aaron Siskind remarked once about his work that he gets close to objects in his photography, but why. In seeing through a camera, many take images of each other, of food, of many things, but people take pictures because they like to take pictures. They write documentaries with their images.

In this way the photo studies the subject, getting closer and closer through abstract and realistic ways, then the brain considers the subjects, and the colors and really considers the meaning and purpose of each image.

Human compassion provides us with answers just like the photographs I have created, create a closeness to a subject that is predictably going to represent the color theories of green and cyan.

Therefore, the empathy lies in what I had already studied and planned to show the viewer myself, green and cyan.

This handing over of the theme before the subject is considered an empathetic response to all of the overloaded imagery of media and social connections, news, and much more we face every day. I want the feelings of the highlights of curiosity in the cyan and the green as a tool for growing color, be welcoming and exciting, and even divulge new paths for viewers to find curiosity. This given visual literacy, this gift I give to the viewers in hopes that the empathetic response that I have when given tools for "getting closer" an easier path when constructed as a clear plan for me.

Green and Cyan

Artist Statement Notes:

We may not find out that we are able to look within for many years growing up, but it is empathy that awakens this feeling and lesson in life. If you can reach out and have empathy, you have learned how to love. This project expounds on the idea of being close to the spiritual lesson of love and empathy. The empathetic and emotional response when we see things up close is much stronger than when we see things far away.

As body language, we all want to get closer to discover, to abstract, to become personalized with our subject. The initial response of creating a closeness to something to better understand its elements is a part of the close-ups I have selected from my library. They are my language to myself and to the world declaring that this is what I have discovered, this is what I am close to.

The Art of Seeing Art™ | The Toledo Museum of Art; April 18, 2023;,a%20work%20of%20art%20on%20a%20deeper%20level.

Project II: Water Project

Question: “Are you still working with empathy?”

“No, not empathy. But the action of selflessness is like ripples in the water. We all affect our lives and each other with the ripples and disruption of the water's surface with our actions. Specifically, I want to work with selflessness, because of the positive ripples that are made.” (module 12)

Color Meanings

Green: Cleanliness and Growth

Cyan: Independence and creativity

Color Symbolism in Chinese Culture: What Do the Traditional Colors Mean? - Color Meanings (; May 7, 2023;

Thank you!

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