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In my journey through school, I found that just pushing forward was the key. I found many strengths is completing one class, and even one assignment at a time. In all of these small and large tasks that make up one degree, which was my first goal, it brought a love for learning, then a second degree, and even a third.

India ink wash; Acrylic paint wash 2020

There was an overall feeling of wanting to organize, direct, and even teach an art form in my mind. I sought first what I wanted to master while working on my AA in Studio Art. I found in my schooling and apprenticing for a photographer that I wanted to be a photographer. There was more to it than that though, especially after learning many art forms during my AA degree and my bachelor's in Art Education .

Clay pinch pots for kiln firing 2019-2020

Teaching in the arts is a sign and beginning of showing and sharing your talents and mastery. The art forms we choose are the braches we will grow, changing with the seasons of the world.

During these degrees I began working as a facilitat for the Arts Consortium in Visalia, CA.

I continued to work as a Facilitator in different art forms, such as drawing and painting. I applied for the position I hold now in November 2020, as Project Coordinator for the My Voice Media Center Project, through the Arts Consortium. I have been built up, inspired and keep my love for the Arts alive through my work. The rewarding parts of my position prove mostly to be able to watch others come together in wellness and resilience for their own recovery with mental illness.

Art has its strength in everyone's life, having the power to free the mind, open the heart, and allow the mind body and spirit to heal by exploration. The MVMC project offers free art sessions for adults with a lived experience with mental health and their support systems can join by open enrollment.

My main purpose in seeking out art and the strong direction it holds for people is truly fulfilled. So where does my mastery art come in? Before I answer that, the MVMC project moved to a beautiful building in our very own arts community with Arts Consortium.

The N EW Place

The new building is located downtown and we are enjoying the space provided by Self Help Enterprises.

Before the building was complete with our desks and other things, I snapped a few shots to remember the feeling of thankfulness and gratitude that encouraged us all.

340 E Oak Ave Suite 112

Arts Consortium, home to My Voice


I encourage myself constantly to keep creating, keep moving forward because I am aware of the rewards that having an artistic outlet can give. But the most important realization is a belief that sharing and teaching art is being the true master of your art form.

I encourage anyone to share their talents in art even if it is only through learning until you feel that you are a master. Starting somewhere is something, impacting, one day at a time, one moment in time for the good of others is the most important thing to remember. Without the understanding of the beginning of your art form, then there will be no end to understanding.

Set goals, be yourself, and care, that is my best advice for anyone beginning a journey to master "the art of".

Where I went after graduating from the Academy of Art University with my Bachelor's in Art Education, is just this, an understanding of the master in myself.

The understanding that I had been mastering my art form all along.

Photographs and photographs on flash drive after flash drive, memories of my first camera, apprenticing, and the driving urge to take pictures everyday, was only the beginning. The most wonderful thing I did for my own education was seek to let this grow as I went for my MA in Photography.

My view of my world and the dreams I had about mastery of my craft was set afire, let to soar, and my whole world changed.

Image for sale, see product page.

To teach art and share your knowledge is to let birds land on your branches.


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