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Nurture Chaos

Updates on my current project are below, including an artist statement and images subject to change, editing, and elimination.

Artist Statement

Embracing the world around you has been a continuous theme for many. The ideas behind our man-made world and how to nurture nature simultaneously have been philosophized as chaotic.

The compositing art of “Nurture Chaos” is meant to inform, deny, and create a dialog between nature and man for the viewer, while sparking a wild idea of contemplation. Within each photo, the meaning is prepared as a combination of nature, the chaos of nature, or the chaos of man, while interplayed inside something peaceful and dreamy. A combination, like a menu, is designed for the simple choice of contemplation. The viewer is intended to be prepared to order from the menu the chef has compiled.

For each photo, I have used a NIKON D5300 with different lenses available. There are some images in which I have used a macro lens to inspect and compare things in nature to things that are man-made, each having their own chaos at times. For instance, the image, “Saving the Weak” was created by combining several macro images of a flower and a shot of some dried wings. The combination of water, life, nature, and nurturing brought the wings themselves back to life.

The ideas themselves seem chaotic and collaged to nurture the idea that the bringing together of nature and the man-made or man’s world is up to the viewer, the living to decide what exciting journeys lie ahead. The moral is to nurture the things that you love, and then you will understand your world and where you are in it, whether you are part of nature or some chaotic part of the world.


Artist Biography

When I was very young, I dreamed of owning a camera and being the “Little girl who walked around taking pictures of everything”. When I was 23 my dad bought me my first camera and I haven’t necessarily put it down since.

I have a love for traditional analog photography and for digital photography. I earned my master’s degree in photography at the Academy of Art University, where I completed a final project in Fine Art Photography. I see the images in parts, sometimes searching in my library of digital images. I hope to one day have enough space to bring back my love for analog photography again. My advice for the prospective photographer is to literally follow your dreams, and take pictures of things that you love because you love them. Whether it’s people, nature, or the art of the composite, the beauty and true meaning are within you.



Titles and Date Created


1.      Time to Fly Home                                                                                               Created: 4/16/2022

2.      Seeing the Real Me                                                                                              Created: 9/5/2023

3.      When Thoughts Rush in                                                                                        Created: 10/18/2023

4.      Square Sky                                                                                                      Created: 9/22/2022

5.      Sparkles of Life                                                                                                  Created: 10/7/2023

6.      Roll of the Dice                                                                                                  Created: 7/29/2023

7.      Saving the Weak                                                                                                Created: 2/19/2024

8.      Natures Water-Ship                                                                                             Created: 2/19/2024

9.      Shadow Game                                                                                                   Created: 7/9/2023

10.     Metal Flowers                                                                                                   Created: 9/24/2022

11.     Lollipop Summer                                                                                                Created: 9/28/2022

12.     A Planet Nearby                                                                                                 Created: 10/7/2023

13.     To the Sky                                                                                                       Created: 8/6/2023

14.     Castle in the Sky                                                                                                Created: 12/9/2023

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions, thank you!


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