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Photographing animals...

Photographing animals is a talent worth pursuing if you are receiving clients with emotional support animals, have animals with them, or are around animals more than you noticed before. Animals tend to love being photographed. They love the attention.

You must remember, though, that they are not paying attention to your camera, or your equipment, they may just be paying attention to you or their owner.

Most animals take a lot of your time, especially if they are afraid and if they are wild. It takes time to approach in a quiet and peaceful manner to make sure they are not afraid of you.

Please don't approach animals, use a telephoto lens, and just enjoy their presence.

Animals on the road:

Taking road trips, even if they are in neighboring towns, is something I enjoy doing as a photographer. There is sometimes a reason I lug my camera along, like this group of goats. I see goats sometimes along the road, but I have never seen this many all at once. (Headed towards Springville, CA 2023)

There is also the love of taking your camera out for pets and family, so I did a photoshoot about one of my pets, Butterscotch. She's a "natural"!

I also grab a photo of her while the camera is out for another shoot:

Night Photography

Other Animals and Insects...

Squirrel - Trip to the Monarch Butterfly Grove in San Luis Obispo - his name is Simon. (Above -2)


It is one thing to try to experience the monarchs at the Butterfly Monarch Grove in San Luis Obispo but to experience the movement in this park through the lenses of a camera is profoundly colorful. The fog was thick the day we visited the park, but the experience of walking into the new world was only intensified by this natural filter.

The fog was damp and then cool to the face, the walk was peaceful, and my family was making me laugh. They paused a few times for me to take pictures, enjoying their own world within this world of flying insects that have migrated or are migrating from place to place.

The amazing Monarch butterfly has a beautiful story as well as my own. Coming from a chrysalis to having beautiful wings and sharing this glory with the world as they stay close to one another flying about the Eucalyptus trees.

Coming soon...

Abstract monarch experience.

Stay tuned...


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