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Places Near Me

It is good practice to continuously enjoy your enjoy those places close to you helps you establish a connection to community and the land.

I wanted to share a compilation of photos I have collected over time of various spots in Tulare County. These places were visited for various reasons, but always photographed by the diligence of being a photographer. I aim to have my camera at all outings, whether I use it or not, but when I do it seems always worthwhile.

Near Kaweah Oaks Preserve, Visalia, CA

Kaweah Oaks Preserve is a great place to visit and take photographs. It is also a great place to take a walk along the trails.

Just going for a drive in Spring 2023.

Spring in the valley is always so meaningful. The hills roll in healthy green and the air is fresh.

Flooding in Tulare County 2023

Flooding in Tulare County 2023

Marking moments in history, where things like floods effect us all is a great responsibility some documentary photographers have. I still like to document these moments if possible through the eyes of my camera lens.

Three Rivers, CA; 2023

Three Rivers is a beautiful place to visit. Right above Kaweah Lake, it sits with wonderful shops, art, and of course Reimer's Ice Cream!

Along the drive to Springville, CA, 2023.

Windmills are classic and iconic to photography. I captured this one with my wonderful husband, who loves taking pictures of windmills and flags.

I hope you enjoyed this short compilation of Tulare County from my camera lens!

I have many more images, so if you are interested in buying prints, or seeing more, please send me an email:

Please indicate which image you are interested in, or which location, thank you!


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1 comentário

R Nelson Kay
R Nelson Kay
04 de set. de 2023

Each image is a beautiful reminder...I love so much our time together ❤️

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