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Relaxation from Abstraction

Relaxation from Abstraction



We, as in humanity and the great search for ourselves, sometimes stop exactly right where we are. We find inspiration in each other and the things around us. The simplicity of our lives, sometimes seen in an abstract way, the closer and more familiar we are with our lives. We breathe our surroundings in by experiencing them. The idea is to enjoy life and enjoy our inspirations.

The repetition of everyday life may be managed at the end of the day. In this way, we tend to abstract ideas, selecting the most important shapes and colors, and values of the day visually. We tend to express our thoughts in abstract methods because it simplifies the mind allowing our bodies to relax.  For example, some may paint a realistic sunset, taking their mind off reality, and the subsequent nature of the outside world. Inside our homes, our cars, and work have been the continuous source of busy imagery, and the atmosphere can be made up of a choppy-like feeling. The beauty is all around us, so they say. They are right. We take in some imagery during our day that can be accessed if we realize the abstractions our mind endures.

As I experience abstract art and painting, as I dive deeper into the feelings of seeing life in simple shapes, lines, shades, and naturally, colors, I see more of myself, a closer look into my everyday life. Sometimes the brain abstracts, but the way the lines of everyday objects, people, animals, and nature can make us feel. Positive or negative, we experience these parts of our lives, like getting out of bed, washing our hair, making lunch, etc., with expectations of how it looks, feels, and how it will be at the end of the day.

As we relax and take in the day, as we get tired of the repetitions in life, we are making marks in our minds, like the marks of a painting. By the end of the week, or month, we may have a masterpiece if we take the time to be inspired by things, people, and everyday life.

At the end of the day the mind can rely on the simple pleasures of the flower we noticed for instance. We keep fresh flowers on our desks, at our homes, and take a mental image of them while walking to class, or work. When we encounter these things, we create mental images. At the end of the day, when we remember we forgot to think of the beauty of the flower, our minds reassure us that they have taken a picture, sometimes just as choppy as our day went, but beautiful relaxing close-up images of the soft petals, the leading lines, within the texture, and the colors of the light.

Artist Description

While pondering everyday life and making marks in my head, the lines of the kitchen table, the sound of the microwave, and the light coming in the window, I began to put these things together and thought of my masterpieces as a piece of gratitude. I’m thankful for the light, so I created a direction of light with my photography tools. I took the lightbox, and made a place for the lines of nature, dried flowers, fresh flowers, and color, and for my thoughts to be inspired.

I used the inspiration from the painting of Georgia O’Keeffe. I tend to lean towards the value of the photographed flower and add my lighting by colored filters on my lighting, but only on one side of the lightbox.

I experimented with the inspiration I found by looking at the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffe. I remembered specific works, but the flow and abstractions of the petals reminded me of the shape and flow of her colors and lines. The representation of our emotions in this abstract way is healing and consistent. We can share through artistic expression, in mediums, the ability of lines, shapes, color, value, and repetition the continuous ways our minds seek the simplicity of abstractions.

In mediums such as paintings and photography, artistic expression works. Abstractions flow through our minds, a recreation of what our minds use as imagery for relaxing and contemplative emotions. We can use this ability of our minds to abstract to relax and use free thought, letting go of negative emotions collected during the day.

Red Canna by Georgia Okeeffe 1924


Black Iris Georgia O’Keeffe 1926


Artist Statement

In this series and the branches that stem from it, I would like my viewers to see the elements of art, such as line, shape, value, and color. The sensory depth, or perception is up to abstract the shape of the flower into one pure idea at a time. Take time to appreciate the value as it flows throughout, and then the lines, and follow all of them until, you reach the next abstraction of shape, followed by the colors, what colors are the images signifying?

Following the elements of art, like lines, shapes, and colors, throughout the images helps us to create imagery in our minds. We abstract things in our daily lives and put them on repeat, but if you stop to look at the things for what they are made of, shape, color, and design, you start to relax and find peace looking at one thing at a time. Then stand back, and see the abstractions come together as a whole, abstract artwork, knowing it may not look like anything. We find abstractions by looking at pieces, or abstractions in our life. These abstractions can be a beautiful way to relax, allowing our minds an avenue of free thought.


Relaxation from Abstraction Gallery


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Thank you!


Very well done, I'm simply amazed how your writing and reflects your thoughts as well as those things around you.. always surrounded by beauty if we just take time to notice. Thank you for sharing your beauty with me....

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