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Strength in Numbers

This coming month, September is Suicide Prevention Month.

I would like to invite those of you who haven't already to find an image or part of a toolkit that's useful for your brand or for your business and post it in your blog, social media, or other communication to help others realize they are not alone.

This year, I decided to ask the family if I could stop to take pictures of the "Black-Eyed Susans", or mini sunflowers on the side of the road.

They bloom here in the central valley all along the roads each year and always stay through summer when all the other flowers have gone and the grass has turned golden yellow. (Black-eyed Susan Flowers: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Rudbeckia flowers | The Old Farmer's Almanac)

Black-Eyed Susan Springville Family Road Trip August 2023

We all need room to grow and these particular flowers grow in bunches, spreading themselves out along the peaceful drive.

The bunches of flowers grow strong and together with many stems reaching in all directions.

The relationship that each flower has with the other branch is necessary. The survival of the plant requires it to have small branch-like stems that shoot off in all directions, holding as much water and moisture as possible in the heat. They grow together, and all at once if necessary.

I believe the way a flower grows and opens up is much like the tools we learn in mental health. The flower is a necessary part of nature, nonetheless. This is how many fruits come to be, and the beauty that we see every day, even on the side of the road.

I want the images of the flowers to represent the feelings I have toward supporting well-being, mental health, and the prevention of crises, and other mental health struggles.

The most interesting thing about the plant is that the branches are very long and one would think they would just get too heavy with the flower on the end and break, but because there are so many, one will oftentimes hold the other one up, leaning and growing together.

I hope to reach out to my own stem for someone else and reach out to those I love, for support this September!

Happy Suicide Prevention Month -

Be strong like the Black-Eyed Susans!!!


Please send me an email at if you would like a print of any photograph you have found on my site. The price for a print is only $50.

*The prices on the website are for engagements that require pre-planning, thank you! (TBA)

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