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Teaching Photography

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that art education is a vital part of our education. This education reveals the workshop of life. We develop tools for living and creating all at once. The ability for us to concentrate on tasks, create skill-building techniques, and develop a process for knowledge is available through the arts.

Find your passion in it. Discover what type, and what genre works best for you, and keep practicing it!

Current Curriculum Work

As I write a completed Digital Photography course, I am stunned as I get to the photo manipulation assignment. The ability to select, and edit pixel by pixel is always exciting.

In the following images, I used the Selective Color tool to pick the highlights of the image (Image 1).

Then I create a mask from that selection, add a layer, and paste my cloud image beneath the original and voila, Image 2.

Image 1

Image 2

Other Composites


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