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The Life of Still Life

At the beginning of the vision and experiments in photography, some genres seemed to linger, seemed to grab the artist and the viewer's attention. We seem to grasp the idea of being in control of our environments as photographers, grasping the reality of still life. The ability to control the very threads and places of items and subject matter in still life is practiced today.

Some people involve themselves in the art of product photography and compositing today, amongst the digital array of options and photography. The artist has options beyond their imagination to create the basic composite, and to add interesting effects to their still-life art.

Still, Life Composites takes a lot of pre-work, creative thinking, and building a library.

My suggestions to the newcomers to compositing is to begin a library, stay with it, and remember that every shoot counts.

  1. Begin a library: Keep saving images you take every day, when you are at a shoot, if legalities matter, take a short drive after the shoot - but take advantage of the times you have your camera in hand.

  2. What to Shoot: Shoot things that are easily selected, good photographs of things,, and scenes that are beautiful and editable. By editable, the scene must go from foreground to background, where you can directly place objects into it.

  3. Stay with it: keep saving your extra images to labeled and organized folders that you can re-visit when the creative bug or inspiration takes hold of you.

  4. Just Create: Keep thinking, and dreaming up and it's ok if you throw a few out, the practice is what counts in the long run.


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