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The Show at Arts Visalia

It was a pleasure working with the staff at Arts Visalia, even after I ended up with COVID-19, on opening night. It was my first show, and I was ready, excited, and nervous when suddenly, I started having hot flashes earlier that same week and then I had a fever, and soon enough I was in bed with a headache. I tested myself for COVID and tested positive the day of the opening show, but...the show must go on!

It did and I also returned to see the show on a separate day!

Arts Visalia invited me to do an Artist Talk on September 30th. I spoke to a group of people eager to learn more about the project.

Many remarked one wouldn't have gotten so much out of the images and learned so much had they not listened to the talk. This is an even more reason to finish reading about art that you encounter, there must be a reason you enjoyed it, you felt the aura.

Here is the gallery of images from the show:

Walter Benjamin's essay explains that the conceptualization of objects in art tends to give others a feeling, which we came to realize is an emotional response.

Walter Benjamin's Essay:

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