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Welcome to my site!

Here is a site that is hopefully simple to use and understand! If not, please email me at

I am a fine art photographer who also specializes in commercial portraiture for those individuals who would like to celebrate their recovery. Recovery of any kind can be a trial, yet a beautiful part of someone's life. I wish to capture a glimpse of your best you so that you can see what others see!

My love for photography in this celebration stage of life and recovery, of course, comes from my own story and I would like to share that gift with you. The gift of sharing a visual story is sometimes easier and more illustrative. This is the fun part!

Every part of you is important to someone out there. It is important to recognize your worth in this moment of strength in your life.

In addition to fine art, I also specialize in photo editing, composites, and creating conceptual designs in series that express through parerga, imagery, objects, symbolism, and the metaphorical concepts for recovery. There are eight dimensions of wellness, for instance, notions for symbolic objects, places, and ideas that can be studied, observed, and become a part of something so positive that they create a stronghold for the recovery you have begun.

Celebrate your recovery in a visual way, create yourself, and see where it will take you!


"My work uses the art of abstract linguistic language. I want you to visualize your recovery and create a personal recollection of yourself at this beautiful stage. The recovery process imprints on us the face of survival, the relics of a journey, and the continuous motion forward into an achievable dream."


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