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Upcoming Show: A Safe Place

In the past few months, I have gone through some amazing changes, life experiences, and most of all dived deeply into my own recovery. I have prepared over the last year, or more, a breadth of work that was my final masters project at the Academy of Art University. Prepared for my MA in photography, the show, or series of works were all hand picked, reworked and reworked.

In this journey I realized that this is the same similar process that we all take in our recovery. We re-work, re-word and most of all we work on ourselves. My goals and aims for the project weren't always so deep and conscious. It took the careful attention of instructors and fellow classmates to realize it's full potential. So thank you to all of you who helped create a process of my own in photography!

The Project

Announcing the project, it's completion and having the opportunity to show the work at Arts Visalia this September 2023, comes with a lot of hard work that was both easy and hard. The project can be seen on my website,, as well as at the reception at Arts Visalia in September, all throughout September.

Artist Statement Synopsis

I wanted to share with others the beauty and safe place created by returning to the safe places all around us. I create a safe place for found objects in Part one and sought out safe places outdoors in Part two. The idea behind finding and protecting ourselves within a liminal safe place is expressed through my abstract thoughts and layers of reality.

The layers themselves are much more literal in photographs and the images express the meanings of contemplation, realizations, and serenity all withing our own confounds of safe places and layers of existence.

Images in the framing process.

Enjoy the show!

Prints can be requested for purchase by sending me an email at


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